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About Mirón

People have preconceived notions about a host of issues. While we can’t claim to fix all the world’s wrongs, we can correct at least one of the stigmas: that energy drinks are reserved for extreme sports and people who similarly view health and taste as an afterthought. Miron was founded to create a healthy alternative, something that wouldn’t ruin your day. We want to provide a clean boost of energy to add some wind to your sails.

Miron has a mission: we want to fuel your passion. That’s it. For all the artists, musicians, fashionistas and entrepreneurs out there, burning the midnight oil to truly make a difference in the world, this is for you.

We’re very passionate about this, and we wanted to do this right so we enlisted help from the very best:

Shout out to Joyce Azria (formerly of BCBGeneration, currently of Avec Les Filles) and our VP Sammy Aiello who, with their fashion sense and personal charm, generously helped us embody our company’s transparent credo into a fashion-forward brand.

Hayden Slater (founder of the famed Pressed Juicery) took the time to counsel us on this journey. We distilled his sage advice into our process. Thanks, Hayden!

Here are some quotes from us, because, you know, quotes:

“We wanted to make a drink that could inspire and elevate an entrepreneurial spirit without compromising on principles. We couldn’t be prouder [of the result].”
— —Yosef Shabtay, co-founder
“Miron blurs the line between energy drinks and wellness. Most would see that as a contradiction, but we don’t.”
— —Avi Nassy, co-founder

We hope you enjoy our ever-expanding line of products!

Sincerely, the Miron Team

Create. Inspire. Elevate.