Sorry, we cheated.

We know that as an energy drink company we’re supposed to add a bunch of funky-sounding ingredients that leave your mouth with that microwave feel. We’re obligated to include caffeine from dubious origins that cause crashes after a jittery high.

But we didn’t. We skipped those in favor of natural caffeine and all-natural ingredients. Instead of subjecting your mind and tongue to mild torture, you can be energized in a healthy, tasty way. (Sorry about that.)

Yep, we’re nonconformists.


How many ingredients does it take to make an energy drink?

Our answer: just five.

How do we do it? Well, we had to cheat a bit, and take some unorthodox shortcuts. So — no artificial flavors, no bizarre chemicals, nothing you can’t pronounce. We had to buck the trends of energy drinks everywhere, and we’re not ashamed at all.

The result? A delicious drink infused with natural caffeine, and all-natural ingredients. Say goodbye to weird aftertastes, jitters and subsequent crashes. Miron offers you a line of drinks that lift you up to inspire and create.

Think of it as an elevation libation. A vigor brew. A power potion. The possibilities go on and on, just like you.